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Enforcement Guidance regarding Minnesota Statutes 239.751

Mandate requirements

The Weights and Measures Division of the Minnesota Department of Commerce wants to help you understand and be ready for the change in the minimum biodiesel content to 10%.

  • Starting July 1, 2014, all #2 diesel sold for use in combustion engines between April – September must contain a minimum of 10% biodiesel by volume.
  • From October – March, #2 diesel must contain at least 5% biodiesel.
  • #1 diesel is exempt from the biodiesel requirement.
  • The amount of biodiesel required in a blend of #1 and #2 will depend upon the blend ratio of the two products and the time of year.

Labeling requirements

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates labeling for fuel dispensers.

  • Dispensers selling blends containing between 5% and 20% biodiesel must be labeled as either BIODIESEL BLEND or B20 BIODIESEL BLEND.  
  • Dispensers selling blends containing more than 20% must be labeled “Bxx.”

FTC-compliant Labels

Many vendors can supply labels that bring you into compliance with the mandate.

For blends containing between 5% and 20% biodiesel, use the following labels:

blend biodiesel label       b20 biodiesel blend label

What this means for you

Consider the cost of labeling requirements when deciding to whether to exceed to minimum biodiesel content requirement from October – March. If you choose to keep you biodiesel content between 5% and 20%, you can keep the BIODIESEL BLEND label on the dispensers all year long. All retailers must label their dispensers as either BIODIESEL BLEND or as B20 BIODIESEL BLEND when the fuel contains between 5% and 20% biodiesel.

2014 Legislative Changes

Chapter 181 contained updates to the state’s biodiesel content mandate. These changes include:

  • The scheduled transition to B20 in Minnesota is postponed to May, 2018.
  • October was removed from the summer months minimum biodiesel level requirement.

The existing exemptions in Minnesota Statute 239.77 sub. 3 to the mandate were made permanent and the following exceptions were added:

  • #1 diesel fuel will be exempt from the mandate until May 1, 2020.
  • Generators that are being tested for use in jurisdictions where biodiesel use is not required are exempt.

For more information, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture has developed Frequently Asked Questions for the B10 Mandate Implementation.

Enforcement Guidance regarding Minnesota Statutes 239.751 (pdf)

Be Ready for B-10 brochure (pdf) 

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