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Given the breadth and depth of information on our website, we wanted to make navigation as simple as possible. For that reason, we have arranged the content on our new website not only by audience, but also by topic. Click on any subject highlighted below to dig deeper.


  • Firewood

    Accurately measuring and properly transporting firewood is important for your pocketbook.

  • Fuel

    Petroleum and gasoline facts. Help in understanding octane and gasoline pricing.


  • Groceries

    Get a better understanding about the packaging and weighing of grocery products.


  • Legislative Summary

    Info on modifications to petroleum storage tank and capacity requirements.


  • Measurement Conversion Tool

    To convert between several different units in a number of physical properties.


  • Metrology Lab

    Our metrology laboratory offers the highest levels of precision measurement.


  • Propane

    Information relating to propane inspections and meters and more.


  • Weights & Scales

    We inspect commercial scales to ensure consumers get what they pay for.