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Firewood and Invasive Species

Make sure that firewood you buy or sell in Minnesota is labeled with origin of harvest (MN Stat. 2010, Chapter 239, Weights and Measures)

Any firewood with origin of harvest from a quarantined area must have a federal shield documenting that the wood has been treated to destroy the quarantined pest.

Check with your destination about local restrictions before taking firewood on a trip. If you are unsure if your destination is one of them, plan to use local firewood or find out in advance of your trip whether it is ok to bring firewood.

Check with your city before storing firewood. Many municipalities have ordinances prohibiting the storage of logs with bark intact due to the risk of spreading diseases.

Make sure you are not in a quarantined area before moving firewood. All firewood (along with other outdoor articles) is quarantined for gypsy moth in the northeastern U.S. All hardwood firewood is quarantined for emerald ash borer in some areas of Minnesota and elsewhere in the U.S. All hardwood firewood is quarantined for Asian longhorned beetle in some areas of the U.S.

Keep firewood from spreading pests and disease: Use local firewood whenever possible.

More details are available from the Department of Agriculture.