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Petroleum Issues

The Weights and Measures Division monitors petroleum quality by checking all motor and heating fuels. Providing high quality uncontaminated petroleum products is vital in today's business climate. Customers expect their vehicles to perform flawlessly on the gasoline, ethanol blend or diesel fuel they buy.

Retail petroleum businesses play an important part in maintaining product quality. Clean, uncontaminated fuel contributes to a cleaner and healthier environment and to automotive safety.

This section will help dealers and consumers understand common fuel contamination problems and how to prevent them.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce administers the Petrofund program which helps petroleum storage tank owners pay for the cost of cleaning up tank leaks. Contact the Petrofund hotline for more information at (651) 215-1775 or 800-638-0418. Or visit the Petrofund website for more details.

The Department of Commerce's State Energy Office monitors the petroleum industry by collecting data on petroleum supply, prices and demand.