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Be Ready for B10

The Weights and Measures Division of the Minnesota Department of Commerce wants to help you understand and be ready for the change in the minimum biodiesel content to 10%.

Big Scales!

Heavy capacity commercial scales are inspected, such as those that weigh trucks, trains, livestock, and fertilizer. We use heavy-duty calibrated weights to check larger scales.  You can find more information about those industrial-sized scales here.

Grocery Packaging 

Every year Weights and Measures checks prepackaged fresh items for accuracy in weight or count and to make sure you are not paying for the packaging.

Metrology Lab

Our certified Metrology Lab provides professional services to all types of businesses across the country to attest to the accuracy of weighing and other measuring equipment, from the smallest to the largest.

Firewood Purchase

We provide tips on what to consider when buying or measuring firewood, such as to deal with a reputable business. Our firewood section has all the details. 

Pain at the Pump?

The price of gasoline may sometimes be high, but we check gasoline stations all across the state to make sure that you are getting that full gallon of gas you are paying for.  We also check for octane and purity.  Look for our sticker on the pump.