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Date Subject(s) Description
12/11/2014     Sean M. Meadows Investment Advisor Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Investors for Millions of Dollars (Commerce News Release)
11/19/2014 Jeffery Petersen Jeffery Petersen (.pdf)
10/17/2014 Susan Elizabeth Walker
Registered Securities Agent and Financial Advisor Pleads Guilty to Defrauding at Least 24 Victims for More Than $980,000 (Commerce News Release)
10/10/2014 Tyrone Herman Defendant Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Investors for more than $19 million in Small Appliance Resale Scheme (Commerce News Release)
09/17/2014 Gurpal Singh Atwal  Gurpal Singh Atwal (.pdf)
08/05/2014 Sean M. Meadows Sean M. Meadows (.pdf)
07/24/2014 Robert Steven Reischauer Robert Steven Reischauer (.pdf)
Split Rock Realty Split Rock Realty (.pdf)
06/10/2014 Alberto Jose Marzan Alberto Jose Marzan (.pdf)
03/19/2014 Steven Walter Scollard Steven Walter Scollard (.pdf)
03/03/2014 Arlesia Shannell Robinson Policy Mill Scam results in Aggravated Forgery charges for woman after Commerce Fraud Bureau Investigation (Commerce Press Release)
02/20/2014 Gregory Isaac King Gregory Isaac King (.pdf)
01/21/2014 David James Schornstein Commerce Fraud Bureau Investigation Results in Insurance Fraud Charges for Former Chiropractor and City Council Member (Commerce Press Release)
01/15/2014 Sergey Vladimirovich Chernyaev Sergey Vladimirovich Chernyaev (.pdf)
- Sentencing Order (.pdf)


Date Subject(s) Description
12/31/2013 Timothy James Jorgenson Timothy James Jorgenson (.pdf)
12/18/2013 Alberto Jose Marzan Filing an Insurance Claim on a Not-Yet-Purchased Ring Results in Insurance Fraud, Theft-by-Swindle Charges, and an Airport Arrest (Commerce Press Release)
10/29/2013 Gregory Binman Gregory Binman (.pdf)
10/28/2013 Rebecca Johnson Rebecca Johnson (.pdf)
09/27/2013 Maurice Culpepper Commerce Fraud Bureau Investigation Results in Auto Insurance Fraud Charges (Commerce Press Release)
08/21/2013 Katherine Rose Eriksen Katherine Rose Eriksen (.pdf)
08/20/2013 Dewitt Alonzo Davison Dewitt Alonzo Davison (.pdf)
08/05/2013 Barry Engen Barry Engen (.pdf)
08/01/2013 Byron Joseph Davis
Marlon Anton Moore
Commerce Department urges consumers to use caution to avoid insurance policy mill scams (Commerce Press Release)
07/03/2013 Marlon Anton Moore Marlon Anton Moore (.pdf)
06/20/2013 Kevin John Graetz Kevin John Graetz (.pdf)
06/13/2013 Henry L. Patton Jr. Henry Lee Patton Jr. Complaint (.pdf)
05/29/2013 Byron J. Davis Byron J_Davis Complaint (.pdf)
05/29/2013 Stephen A. Marrone 
Robert J. Hertz 
Subjects of Commerce Insurance Fraud Division investigation plead guilty to multiple counts of fraud, theft by swindle (Commerce Press Release)
05/24/2013 Sunil Vidyadhar Sapatnekar Sunil Vidyadhar Sapatnekar Complaint (.pdf)
04/29/2013 Donald G. Marson Donald G. Marson Complaint (.pdf)
04/26/2013 Sandra Lee Chehouri Sandra Lee Chehouri Complaint (.pdf)
03/29/2013 Marlon A. Moore

Marlon A. Moore Complaint (.pdf)

03/21/2013 Dannisha D. McCarver Dannisha D. McCarver Complaint (.pdf)
03/06/2013 Juan Adolfo Villalobos-Herrejon Juan Adolfo Villalobos-Herrejon Complaint (.pdf)
03/06/2013 Steven W. Schmidt Steven W. Schmidt Complaint (.pdf)
03/01/2013 Eric B. Hoff Eric B. Hoff Complaint (.pdf)
02/25/2013 Linda A. Brost Linda A. Brost Complaint (.pdf)
02/05/2013 Arie D. Ford Arie D. Ford Complaint (.pdf)
01/29/2013 Susan Sternarie Susan Sternarie Complaint (.pdf)
01/25/2013 David Norman Juntunten  
Pamela Hean Dupont
Businessman wrecks Lamborghini, city park, faces insurance fraud charge
01/14/2013 Jason William Sheedy St. Paul man sentenced for filing false insurance claim for purportedly stolen art (.pdf)
Jason William Sheedy Information (.pdf)


Date Subject(s) Description
12/03/2012 Daniel John Eastman Daniel John Eastman Complaint (.pdf)
11/26/2012 Burnell Franklin
Terrence A. Price
Burnell Franklin Complaint (.pdf)
Terrence A. Price Complaint (.pdf)
10/15/2012 Abdiaziz S. Mohamed

Abdiaziz S. Mohamed Complaint (.pdf)

10/12/2012 Cheryl A. Tchida

Cheryl A. Tchida Complaint (.pdf)

09/17/2012 Mark J. Nolte Mark J. Nolte Complaint (.pdf)
08/31/2012 Stephen A. Marrone
Robert J. Hertz
Insurance agents charged with multiple counts of fraud, including major fraudulent commission payments (Ramsey County Press Release)
08/29/2012 Bruce N. Walla Bruce N. Walla Complaint (.pdf)
08/16/2012 Paul E. McIntosh Paul E. McIntosh Complaint (.pdf) 
07/24/2012 Marcus A. Graham Marcus A. Graham Complaint (.pdf)
07/18/2012 Todd P. Paffrath Todd P. Paffrath Complaint (.pdf)
06/28/2012 Kimberly L. Cameron Kimberly L. Cameron Complaint (.pdf)

Kregg A. Weispfenning
Paul P. Eberwine

Kregg A. Weispfenning Complaint (.pdf)
Paul P. Eberwine Complaint (.pdf)
03/14/2012 Kevin K. Olson Kevin K. Olson Complaint (.pdf)