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North Minneapolis Insurance Claims Information Released by Commerce Department

November 22, 2011

Commerce Commissioner closely monitoring progress on processing insurance claims following tornado

ST. PAUL, MN – Just hours after a devastating tornado ripped through North Minneapolis, the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s Consumer Response Team (CRT) was on the scene. CRT insurance experts provided one-on-one consultation to storm victims as they began sifting through the rubble and taking the necessary steps to begin filing their insurance claims.

Following the storm, Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman directed his staff to work with insurers to closely monitor how many claims were filed, when claims were processed, and how much has been paid to policyholders.

“Tracking this information allows us to effectively assess the magnitude of devastation caused by the storm,” said Commissioner Rothman. “But most importantly, this data gives our Department the tools we need to closely monitor the progress insurers are making on processing the claims of their policyholders.”

“When people’s homes are destroyed, and their lives have been upended, we have a responsibility to get them the help they need in a timely manner. That is why tracking this information is so important.”

Data collected from more than 40 insurers shows that as of October 1, nearly 80 percent of adjusted claims filed following the storm were resolved. Insurers have paid $64 million in claims thus far, with an estimated $8.7 million in claims yet to be processed. In total, approximately 4,530 claims were made following the tornado, with less than 920 claims outstanding.

Storm victims who have questions or are having trouble processing their claims are encouraged to contact the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s Consumer Response Team for assistance. CRT staff can be reached at (651) 296-2488 or