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Apply for a Bullion Coin Dealer Representative Registration

A Bullion Coin Dealer must have an approved registration and have registered for an account online before submitting a Bullion Coin Dealer Representative application.

  1. Go to, select "Minnesota Department of Commerce" as the “Program” and "Bullion Coin Dealer" as the Board.
  2. Click on "Submit License Application" in the list of options.
  3. Select “Individual” as the “Entity Type” and “Bullion Coin Dealer Rep” as the “License Type.”
  4. Enter the resident state and proceed. The system will ask for a “User Name” and “Password”. That information is maintained by the registered Bullion Coin Dealer.
  5. The registration fee is $10.00. The online system vendor also charges a $9.95 transaction fee and a $1.00 credit card fee.
  6. At the end of the application, you will receive a “Confirmation Number” that can be used to check the status of the application within Pulse Portal by using the “Application Status Inquiry” feature. If a discrepancy is found or the application is approved, that will be indicated by the “Application Status Inquiry” feature.
  7. Once a registration has been approved, a copy can be printed on