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Reapply for a Broker License

Within 2 years of termination

If you wish to reapply for your Broker license within 2 years of its termination, you must submit an electronic application and fax documentation that you completed the continuing education that was due at the time that the license expired.

License expired more than 2 years

If you wish to reapply for a Broker license that has been expired for more than 2 years, you must fax your passing results for the two-part written exam (National and Minnesota Laws), taken within one year prior to submitting application for reactivation. (Get examination information here.) Please note that it is not necessary to retake the 30-hour Broker course in order to reactivate a Broker license. In addition, if you hold an active Broker license in another state at the time of your application to reactivate a Minnesota Broker license, you are not required to take the national portion of the exam. You must attach an original letter of certification from the other state where you have an active Broker license. The letter of certification cannot be more than 90 days old at the time of your application. The Licensing fax number is 651-284-4207.


Terminate a License

To terminate a Broker or Salesperson license, go to After selecting "Minnesota Department of Commerce" as the program and "Real Estate" as the board, click on "Terminate Employee" and follow the necessary steps.

Note: The Broker/Salesperson has two years from the date of termination to reactivate the license without having to re-test.