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Real Estate

We license nearly 25,000 companies and individuals in the real estate profession in the state of Minnesota. That includes real estate agents, brokers, closing agents abstracters and real estate companies. We also license nonbank residential mortgage originators, mortgage company loan officers, and mortgage servicing companies.


  • What We Do: Real Estate

    We license and regulate large parts of the real estate industry. Learn more about our authority and how we protect the market.

  • Licensing

    Information on licenses, continuing education and registrations required to do business in Minnesota.

  • Boards & Commissions

    Information about the Uniform Conveyancing Blanks Task Force and the Real Estate Appraiser Advisory Board.


  • Consumer Info

    Helpful consumer tips and info about the real estate industry and residential mortgages in Minnesota.


  • Complaints

    Information about our authority to take action against individuals and companies for violating Minnesota law.


  • Legislative Updates

    Any legislative updates or information that pertains to the real estate or mortgage industry in Minnesota.


  • Residential Mortgage Originators

    We license residential mortgage originators and mortgage servicers. This link will take you to our Banking & Finance site.


  • Uniform Conveyancing Blanks

    Forms for the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another, or the granting of a loan or lien.