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Continuing Education Course Approval

Information on continuing education course approval requirements for Providers/Coordinators.

Downloads forms here:

  1. Out-dated applications will be returned

  2. Complete the Course Approval Application form. (Download form below which includes these requirements and instructions. This is a Word Form, please follow instructions carefully.)

  3. Course Approval Application fee is $10 for each hour or fraction of an hour applied for.

  4. Application and fee must be submitted to the Commerce Department at least 30 days before the initial offering of the course. Please note that faxing a copy of an application with a note that the original application and fee will follow does not meet this requirement. If complete applications are postmarked later than the 30-day requirement, the application will be reviewed, but if the course approved it will not be made retroactive.

  5. These items are required with the application:

    • Course Materials: Course Description, Timed Course Outline, Learning Objectives, Instructional Material for Students (Textbooks, Notebooks, etc.), Materials for Instructor Use (Overheads, etc if applicable), Examination and Answer Key

    • Policies Covering: Course Prerequisites, Instructor Qualifications, Attendance, Cancellation & Refund

    • Miscellaneous: Copy of proposed advertising including outline, Course Schedule, Students Course/Instructor Evaluation Form, Instructor's Resume/Bio, A copy of proposed Completion Certificate for Student if offered

  6. Continuing Education must consist of courses that impart substantive knowledge that is appropriate and related to the Insurance, Real Estate, or Appraiser field.

  7. The burden of demonstrating that courses impart substantive knowledge related to the Insurance, Real Estate, or Appraiser fields is upon the person seeking approval or credit.

  8. Minn. Statute 45.30, Sub. 5 provides a list of non-approved courses.The following will not be approved for credit:

    • Courses designed solely to prepare students for passing a license examination.

    • Courses in mechanical office or business skills, including typing, speed reading, or other machines or equipment. Computer courses are allowed, if appropriate and related to the industry to which the courses are directed.

    • Courses in sales promotion, including meetings held in conjunction with the general business of the licensee.

    • Courses in motivation, salesmanship, psychology, time management, or communication, except as prescribed in pre-license training.

    • Courses related to office management or intended to improve the operation of the licensee's business. This item does not apply to building contractor continuing education courses.

    • Courses that are primarily intended to impart knowledge of specific products of specific companies, if the use of the product or products relates to the sales promotion or marketing of one or more of the products discussed.

  9. Except for the following two exceptions, all course offerings must be open to any interested individuals. Attendance cannot be restricted to any particular group of people, and is permitted to be restricted only on the basis of class size.

    • Courses that are sponsored by a Real Estate Broker company are permitted to be held on the company premises; however, they must be open to any interested individuals.

    • Courses that are sponsored by or affiliated with an Insurance Company or Agency are permitted to be held on company premises, and are permitted to restrict attendance to producers of the Insurance Company or Agency. Courses that have restricted attendance or are held on company/agency premises are considered to be "Company-Sponsored" courses.

  10. Instructor qualifications for continuing education are:

    • a four-year degree in any area plus two years practical experience in the subject area being taught

    • five years practical experience in the subject area being taught

    • a college or graduate degree in the subject area being taught

  11. Failure to have only qualified instructors teach an approved course will result in loss of course approval.

  12. Each course must have an approved Provider Coordinator, who is responsible for compliance with Minnesota education laws and regulations. Provider Coordinator Approval Application forms and instructions are available by clicking the appropriate heading under "Providers & Coordinators."

  13. The Provider Coordinator must notify the Commerce Department in writing within 10 days of any change in the information in this application for approval, including any addition or change in the names(s) of instructors who will teach the course.

  14. Courses may not be advertised before approval, unless the application has already been submitted to the Commerce Department, 30 days in advance, and the course is described in the advertising as "approval pending".

  15. The number of approved hours must be accurately displayed on any advertisement for the course, and if the course offering is longer than the number of approved continuing education hours, any advertisement must be clear that continuing education credit is not earned for the entire course.

  16. Education courses can not be offered or renewed when either the content of an approved course or its method of instruction changes, the course is no longer approved for license education credit. A new application must be submitted for the changed course if the education provider intends to offer it for license education credit.

  17. Continuing Education courses: Appraiser must be at least 2 hours in length, while Real Estate and Insurance must be at least 1 hour in length.

  18. Appraiser Continuing Education must include the AQB approved, 7 hour, USPAP Update (or its equivalent) with every two year renewal. Course must have been taught by an AQB approved 7 hour USPAP approved Instructor and the Instructors name and AQB ID# must be included.

  19. Real Estate Continuing Education must include 1 hour each of Fair Housing and Agency Law with every two year renewal.

  20. There are no Continuing Education requirements for Closers.

  21. Provider Coordinators of educational courses should have a copy of MS 45. These laws relate to both pre-licensing and continuing education for Appraisers, Real Estate, and Insurance licenses. Laws may be obtained on-line or by calling the Minnesota Bookstore at (651) 297-3000 or 1-(800) 657-3757.

Contact the Department of Commerce at if you have education questions or concerns.