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Appraiser License Renewal Instructions

Postcards containing information necessary for license renewal were to be mailed to all individuals who are scheduled to renew by August 31. If you did not receive a postcard or no longer have it, see the instructions below. Renewals are performed online at Pulse Portal. Step-by-step instructions are available below.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When you apply to renew your license, the PULSE system will verify that you have completed your required continuing education (CE). If you have not yet completed your CE, it is in your best interest to do so as soon as possible and no later than August 15. Education providers need time to upload their student rosters into the system, and if you wait until the last week or two of August to complete your CE, you run the risk of not being able to renew your license by the deadline. You must complete your required CE and submit your online renewal by the close of business on August 31. There is no grace period for either CE completion or license renewal.

Before you begin: Locate the renewal postcard that you received from the Department of Commerce. You will need the information on it to complete the renewal process. If you no longer have the postcard or did not receive one, contact the Minnesota Department of Commerce Licensing Division at 651-539-1599 or send an e-mail to with NEED RENEWAL ID as the subject. In the body of the message, include your full name and license number. Please understand that high call volumes during peak times may lead to difficulty in getting through on the phone, and high e-mail volumes may lead to significant delays in receiving a response. Please be patient.

Note: Do not use your browser’s “Back” button at any point in the process, or you will lose all of the data that you have entered to that point and will need to start over from the beginning.
  1. From the “Choose a state to begin” drop-down menu, select “Minnesota.”
  2. From the “Choose a board to continue” drop-down menu, select “Appraiser.”
  3. Under “License Renewals,” click on “Renew An Existing License.” This will call up the “Search License Renewal” screen.
  4. Click the “Individual” radio button.
  5. Enter your Last Name, License Number, Renewal ID, and Social Security Number and click the “Next” button. 
Please note that you will be able to pay for your renewal even if you have not yet completed your required CE, but you will need to complete your remaining CE before you will be able to renew your license. If all of your required CE has been completed but your transcript does not indicate that, it is likely that the student roster for a course that you took has not yet been entered into the system. You will need to contact the course provider (not PULSE Support or the Department of Commerce) and ensure that the student roster is uploaded before your license is renewed.

If you have completed your required continuing education (CE) and all of the required hours have been entered into the system, the “Attestation” screen will appear. Click the “I Agree” button.

The renewed license summary will appear. Click the “Continue” button.

The “Contact Information” screen will appear. Make any necessary additions or changes, click the “Save” button, then click the “Continue” button.

The Credit Card Information screen will appear. Enter all requested information. (Note: If your mailing address is in the United States, you do not need to enter anything in the “Country” field.) If you do not have an e-mail address or do not wish to provide one, please enter in the e-mail address field. Click the “Continue” button.

Verify your information on the next screen. If something needs to be added or corrected, click the “Change My Request” button. If everything is correct, click the “Renew My License” button.

The confirmation page will appear. Please write down the Confirmation ID number and print the page for your records. The Confirmation ID number can be used to check the status of your renewal. Note: If you do not print the page for your records and click the “Close” button, a dialog box will appear that asks you to print the page for your records. Do not click the “OK” button in this box unless you do not want to print the page. Clicking the “OK” button in this box will take you to the Home page. Note: The “Print” button on this page prints the confirmation page, not your license. To print your license, go to the Home page. From the “Choose a state to begin” drop-down menu, select “Minnesota.” From the “Choose a board to continue” drop-down menu, select “Appraiser.” Under “Print Licenses/Documents,” click “Print Your License.”

Nonresidents: E-mail copies of your continuing education course completion certificates to the Department of Commerce at Your renewal request will remain pending until your CE course completion certificates have been reviewed by the Department of Commerce.