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Auto & Leisure

When drivers, ATV and motorcycle-owners file an insurance claim to help pay for repairs, they often have questions about what is required of them and the insurance company. These pages will help you understand how auto and leisure vehicle insurance in Minnesota works and how to file a claim.


  • What We Do

    We regulate the state's insurance industry and responds to requests for information or assistance through the our Consumer Response Team.

  • Auto Insurance Basics

    We can help you understand how this particular type of insurance as well as the system in Minnesota works.


  • Automobile Self Insurance

    Our Automobile Self-Insurance Unit is responsible for approving or disapproving a company's request to self-insure its liabilities.


  • Boats

    While homeowners insurance MIGHT cover small boats, chances are you need special coverage. Educate yourself here.


  • Motorcycles & ATVs

    If you are in the market for motorcycle insurance, most states require you to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage.


  • Storm Damage

    Storm can damage vehicles in a number of ways. Learn about coverage and how to file and settle a claim.


  • The Claims Process: Auto

    Even the most careful drivers can end up with a crumpled fender or other auto damage. Learn how to file a claim.


  • Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance can protect against possible financial losses if you are forced to cancel, delay or interrupt your vacation.


  • Vicarious Liability Limits

    Info on the maximum amount of legal damages for which the owner of a rented motor vehicle may be held vicariously liable.


  • Teen Driving

    Safe driving tips for teenage drivers.