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Legislative Summaries

Explanations of 2009 & 2010 legislation that relates to insurance companies in Minnesota.

2011 Changes to 60A, 60C, 61A, 67A, 68A and 72A
The department's proposal concerning insurers and fraternal benefit socities was incorporated into Senate File 1208. This document includes a summary of the pertinent sections.  

2010 Summary - Chapter 384
Commerce technical bill from 2010 legislation. Includes modifications of: insurance provisions and securities regulations. Existing law is re-organized. Modifies real estate sections concerning: real estate brokers, salespersons and closing agents; real estate appraiser advisory board; workers compensation self-insurers provisions; flexible benefit health plan authorization.

2010 Summary - Budget Bill
Sections of 2010 Minnesota Budget legislation that relate to activities of the Department of Commerce in the area of health insurance are summarized.

2010 Changes to 64A, 61A,61B, 66A
A summary of changes to Minnesota Statutes Chapters 64A, 61A, 61B, and 66A related to financial filings and fraternal benefit societies.

2009 Legislative Summary--Part 2
Summary of 2009 Legislative Changes to Chapters 13.381, 16C, 60A, 60K, 61A, 62A, 62D, 62J, 62L, 62M, 62Q, 62R, 65A, 65B, 67A, 70A, 70B, 256B.057, 471.98 and 471.982 of relevance to Consumers, Insurance Companies and the Market Assurance Division of the Minnesota Commerce Department.

2009 Legislative Summary--Part 1
Summary of the 2009 Legislative Changes to Chapters 60A, 60B, 60L, 61A, 61B and 67A relative to insurers.