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Financial Filing Instructions

In order to do business in the State of Minnesota, every insurance company, including fraternal benefit societies, township mutuals and reciprocal exchanges, must file with the Commissioner every year on or before March 1. We provide the forms, instructions, fee schedules and risk questionnaires to help with your company filing.


  • Annual Statements

    Financial filing instructions for annual statements for insurers, reinsurers, alien surplus lines, fraternal societies, risk retention groups, etc.

  • Appt. Actuary Change

    Requirements for change of appointed actuary for life insurance companies and fraternal benefit societies.


  • Articles & Bylaws

    Contains instructions for filing changes in Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.


  • Definitions

    Definitions on insurance terminology.

  • Fees, Deposits, C&S

    Fees for licensed domestic and foreign insurers including title, fraternals and reciprocal exchanges.


  • Risk Questionnaires

    Forms, frequently asked questions and sample risk matrices for Risk Questionnaires.


  • Township Mutuals

    State law requires the Commissioner of Commerce to prescribe a basis upon which a township mutual insurance company maintains its records reflecting the true financial condition of the company.