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This webpage contains information and documents related to the permitting of this project by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Every project before the Commission has an electronic docket (eDocket), a file folder for all of the project's documents.

Documents for this project are listed below in the File Register, most recent documents first. To view the eDockets record for this project, click on the eDockets link below, or click on the eDockets tab in the File Register. A subset of the record, including key documents with descriptions, is available by clicking on the Energy Facilities tab in the File Register.

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Project Docket

Docket No PL-6884/PPL-12-126
Project name High Prairie Pipeline Project from the North Dakota Border to Clearbrook, Minnesota
Applicant High Prairie Pipeline, LLC
Description High Prairie Pipeline, LLC proposes to construct an underground crude oil pipeline from McKenzie County, North Dakota, to Clearbook, Minnesota, and associated facilities. Approximately 65 miles of the project are proposed to be located in Minnesota and the project is proposed to cross the Red River near Bygland, Minnesota
Subjects Environmental policy; Pipelines
Location Clearwater County; Polk County; Red Lake County
Docket created: February 15, 2012
Application accepted
Public meeting
Routes accepted for consideration
Environmental document available
Public hearing
Permit issued
Project built
Docket closed
eDockets 12-126
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Project Summary

High Prairie Pipeline, LLC (HPP) proposes to construct an approximately 450-mile,16-inch outside diameter, underground crude oil pipeline and associated facilities from McKenzie County, North Dakota, to Clearbrook, Minnesota (High Prairie Project).  HPP anticipates that there will be approximately 65 miles of pipeline located within Minnesota through the counties of Polk, Red Lake, and Clearwater.  The High Prairie Project will cross the Minnesota/North Dakota border near Bygland, Minnesota.  The associated facilities in Minnesota are anticipated to include 300,000 barrels of operational transfer capacity in Clearbrook, Minnesota, to be located adjacent to the existing Clearbrook Transfer Station, necessary valves, metering and monitoring equipment, and one to two pumping stations.  It is anticipated that the High Prairie Project will require a permanent right-of-way of approximately 50 feet. 

Construction of the High Prairie Project will require a Certificate of Need (Docket No. PL-6884/CN-12-127) and a Route Permit (Docket No. PL-6884-/PPL-12-126) from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, as well as any other required federal, state, or local approvals.  HPP anticipates construction to begin in the summer of 2013, with an anticipated in-service date of late 2013. 

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