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Minnesota Renewable Energy Integration and Transmission Study

Legislation passed in 2013 requires a Renewable Energy Integration and Transmission Study (MN Laws 2013, Chapter 85 HF 729, Article 12, Section 4). The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission has ordered all Minnesota electric utilities and transmission companies to participate in the study (Docket No. E-999/CI-13-486).

Key points of the statute include:

  • The MN utilities and transmission companies, in coordination with the Midcontinent Independent Transmission Service Operator (MISO), will do the engineering study;
  • The Department will direct the study and will appoint and lead a Technical Review Committee (TRC) comprised of individuals with experience and expertise in electric transmission system engineering, electric power system operations, and renewable energy generation technology to review the study’s proposed methods and assumptions, ongoing work, and preliminary results;
  • It will be an engineering study of increasing the state’s Renewable Energy Standards (RES) to 40% by 2030, and to higher proportions thereafter, while maintaining system reliability; The study must incorporate and build upon prior study work;
  • The final study will be completed by November 1, 2014 and must include: 1) A conceptual plan for transmission for generation interconnection and delivery and for access to regional geographic diversity and regional supply and demand side flexibility, and 2) Identification and development of potential solutions to any critical issues encountered.

Schedule for the integration and transmission study:

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