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Energy Savings Goal (ESG) Study

Legislation passed in 2013 (Minnesota Legislature House File 729, 4th Engrossment, Article 12 Section 8) (.pdf) requires the Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources to conduct public meetings with stakeholders that results in a legislative report with recommendations on the statewide and Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) energy savings goals. Currently, there are a series of six meetings scheduled during the months of October and November where the Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources  will lead discussions, in conjunction with a professional meeting facilitator, regarding specific policy and technical topics around Minnesota’s continued achieved of the statewide energy policy goals.

Energy Savings Goals (ESG) Study Stakeholder Engagement:

The purpose of these proposals is to facilitate discussion, led by the Department of Commerce – Division of Energy Resources, moderated by the Energy Center of Wisconsin, regarding Industrial Energy Efficiency and Combined Heat and Power in Minnesota. These proposals were developed as part of the Energy Savings Goal Study established during the 2013 Legislative Session. These proposals are not to define programmatic details for adoption in Minnesota’s current regulatory framework, but rather a proposed set of issues for discussion in meetings with stakeholders who are engaged in meeting Minnesota’s energy policy goals. 

In each document, background information on industrial efficiency and combined heat and power, specific to Minnesota, will provide context for issues that will be discussion points for the Technical Workgroup Meetings that are part of the Energy Savings Goal Stakeholder Process.

Additional Materials: