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Wilson Residence

Weatherization Lowers Heat Costs  

A North Minneapolis couple was tremendously grateful for receiving more than $7,000 in much-needed improvements provided to their home, thanks to weatherization assistance.

Central Lakes

Weatherization: Delivers Economic Boost 

The ARRA-funded Weatherization Assistance Program created work for contractors in central Minnesota and the prospect for increased weatherization work in the future.

Monahan Residence

Weatherization: Improvements to Monahan Residence  

This home on the Fond du Lac Reservation had its heat losses reduced as a result of the state's Weatherization Assistance Program. This project was ARRA funded.

Job+Energy Savings=Success

Jobs+Energy Savings=Success  

Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties was one of 32 local service providers to quickly ramp up its efforts to meet the demand for weatherization assistance. ARRA funds increased the opportunities for low-income households.

Daniel Stover

Tribe Combines Solar and Weatherization  

A renewable energy grant helped provide solar energy to a residence at Fond du Lac Reservation and break the “renewable energy divide.”