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Xcel issues RFP for 4th cycle of Renewable Development Fund

A request for proposals for the fourth cycle of Xcel Energy's Renewable Development Fund (RDF) was issued on Feb. 15 by Xcel Energy, with proposals due April 1, 2013. The RDF promotes the start up, expansion and attraction of renewable energy projects and companies in Xcel’s service area.

The overall goal for the fourth cycle is to encourage the development of renewable energy projects that are otherwise unable to secure public and private financing sufficient to proceed with development, and to advance new cost-effective technology. In addition, a new RDF research program is being initiated that will provide block grants for Minnesota higher education institutions to utilize for electric research initiatives. It is anticipated that up to $30 million will be available for cycle four funding. The first three cycles of the fund have provided $60 million for energy production and research and development projects. Learn more about the RDF.