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ESP® reporting and operations applications released; reporting deadline for co-ops and municipals is June 3

The Minnesota Department of Commerce Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) team is pleased to announce that the next versions of ESP® have been released. The platform has been split into two separate applications, one for program operations and one for reporting. The split was made to address data privacy concerns. From now on, all data in the operational application is private and not viewable by outside parties (including the State) unless specifically allowed by the organization. All data in the reporting application is considered public, although access to the reporting application is limited at this time.

The reporting application has been updated for cooperatives and municipal utilities to report their 2012 CIP results at the program level and their 2014 plan narratives. The reporting deadline is Monday, June 3. Please see the email announcement dated May 10 from Joe Plummer for instructions; there are no changes to the reporting requirements since last year. If you have questions about reporting requirements, please contact Jessica Burdette at 651-539-1871 or Joe Plummer at 651-539-1874. If you need technical assistance, please contact Energy Platform’s helpdesk at 1-866-258-6912.

A number of exciting new features have been added to the operational tools, including a visual measure designer, the ability to create custom workflows for different program designs with specialized teams and helpers, and a time-oriented architecture for easier management of teams, measures and programs. Also note that the entire Minnesota Technical Reference Manual was previously operationalized as SmartMeasures™ so users will have the ability to immediately use State-approved savings calculators. New TRM measures developed through DER’s third-party review project will be implemented in ESP throughout 2013, as they are approved. Please contact Leo Steidel at Energy Platforms at 612-382-5547 or Joe Plummer at 651-539-1874 if you would like to get started using ESP’s operational tools.