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RFPs issued for two categories of CARD grants—General and CHP

The Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources seeks proposals from organizations and individuals interested in receiving a Conservation Applied Research and Development (CARD) Grant. The CARD Grant Program is intended to identify new technologies or strategies to maximize energy savings, improve the effectiveness of energy conservation programs, and document the carbon dioxide reductions from energy conservation projects.

Request for Proposals (RFPs) were recently issued for two categories of CARD grants—(1) General and (2) Combined Heat and Power (CHP):

General CARD grants. Up to $2 million in total funding is available for this grant opportunity. Proposals will be considered if they fall into one of four identified Funding Topics in the RFP:
  1. Field Studies of New Technologies or Technology-based Approaches to Whole Building Performance 
  2. Test or Demonstrate Innovative Program Implementation Strategies
  3. Test or Demonstrate Innovative Demand-Side Management Program Implementation Strategies Specific to Municipal and Cooperative Utilities
  4. Quality Install and Quality Maintenance of Residential and/or Commercial HVAC Equipment. 

The proposal process for this CARD grant RFP requires that interested Responders first submit an Intent to Propose, the deadline for which is June 3, 2013. Only those projects that pass the Intent to Propose screening will be eligible to submit a Full Proposal, which will then be evaluated for potential funding.

The RFP and required forms are available through August 12, 2013. Responders may also request a hard copy of the RFP by mail from this office.

CHP CARD grant. Up to $200,000 in funding is available for one grant under this particular RFP. Proposals are sought from organizations or individuals interested in conducting research to: (1) develop a combined heat and power (CHP) white paper that will evaluate regulatory issues and policies specific to Minnesota, and (2) perform a Minnesota CHP potential study.  

The RFP and required forms are available through June 24, 2013. Responders may also request a hard copy of the RFP by mail from this office.

The information obtained from CARD grants is intended to inform electric and natural gas utility Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) development and state energy policy. CARD grant funds are ultimately intended to benefit the State of Minnesota and Minnesota ratepayers through the Conservation Improvement Programs that utilities operate. All programs, products and services generated by the grants will be delivered to utility customers, end-users and trade partners located in Minnesota.