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ESP® Update

As we described in last month’s newsletter, ESP has been split into two applications, ESP and ReportingESP.  Both applications are launched from the Energy Platforms home page at or

ReportingESP is the official Department of Commerce reporting mechanism for Minnesota municipal utilities and electric cooperatives to report their annual CIP achievements and plans. Beginning next year, Commerce plans to transition investor-owned utilities to using ReportingESP for their annual status reports, replacing the project information sheets that are currently included with each status report.

ESP is available for use by utilities and other program administrators in managing and tracking their programs as they go. The underlying data are under the user’s control and private unless the user shares them with others. ESP includes access to the pre-approved Commerce SmartMeasure library (i.e., the SmartMeasure implementation of the Technical Reference Manual), some dashboards, and other useful features.  

If the utility uses ESP to track its 2013 projects, it will be able to “publish” savings and incentive cost data, in aggregate form, to ReportingESP when it is time to report its annual CIP achievements. This feature eliminates most of the data entry required to report, with the exception of non-incentive costs (i.e., administrative, marketing, etc.) and annual sales data.  

ESP version 1.4 was released in May following completion of beta-testing and is available for use now. Energy Platforms is working to develop new features that have been requested by users and will continue to release iterations of version 1.4 as new features are completed.