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New features launched in B3 Benchmarking

Several new features to B3 Benchmarking are now available on the B3 website. The Minnesota Department of Administration and Department of Commerce announced exciting new improvements that are intended to help users track, manage, and improve the energy consumption of their existing buildings. Those improvements include:

  • Meter Level Reporting—report on one, multiple or all meters of an energy source.
  • Renewable Electric Meter—track and manage electricity produced via renewable sources from wind and PV.
  • Organizational Google Map View—graphical representation of each site's energy performance within an organization. 
  • Event Reporting—building occupancy, building versions, and target achieve dates displayed on reports.
  • Report Tooltip Options—display all tooltips, minimal tooltips or no tooltips within reports.
  • Public Data—summary of general completeness and potential savings for each organization displayed for the public to see.

You can view a demo of the above new features or an entire overview of the B3 Benchmarking site at the B3 website.

Minnesota B3 Benchmarking is a building energy management system for public buildings in Minnesota, including state, local government, and public school buildings. It provides the tools to manage your buildings, improve your building portfolio efficiently, and monitor the improvements. Find general information on B3.