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Technical Reference Manual for 2013-2014 is now available

The Minnesota Technical Reference Manual (TRM) Version 1.0 is now available for downloading on the Minnesota Department of Commerce website.

The TRM is a standard set of calculation methods for energy efficiency and conservation measures implemented through the Conservation Improvement Program.  Cooperatives and municipal utilities should reference Version 1.0 for calculating the savings impacts of measures installed in 2014.  Use of Version 1.0 is optional for program year 2013.  Cooperatives and municipal utilities may continue to reference the 2012 TRM measures for calculating savings for 2013, as previously communicated.

Some of the measures are indicated as Draft status.  These measures are valid to use throughout 2014.  New versions may be developed as these measures are discussed in technical working groups.  If a new version is released, utilities will have the option of switching to the new version or continuing to use the original version.  More information will be forthcoming on use of the measures in Version 1.0 past 2014, as Commerce intends to work with the newly formed TRM Advisory Committee to develop a schedule for regular updates of the TRM.    

All measures in the TRM are being implemented as Smart Measures on ESP® and made available for free to all Minnesota utilities.  Although use of ESP for program operations (not reporting) is optional, Commerce encourages cooperative and municipal utilities to consider adopting ESP in 2014.  Staff are in the process of setting up training sessions on ESP in February or March of 2014 and will announce the dates when finalized.

Contact project manager Joe Plummer for more information on the TRM and to obtain a login to ESP®.