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Program Goals

The Guaranteed Energy Savings Program (GESP) has been established to:

  • Promote awareness and implementation of energy efficient and renewable energy measures in public facilities by state and local governments, school districts, and institutions of higher learning that result in millions of dollars in annual energy savings while creating jobs, reducing energy consumption, improving facility infrastructure and reducing carbon emissions. 

  • Develop and administer Master Contract for Energy Savings Performance Contracting Services for use by public entities.

  • Pre-qualify Energy Service Companies (ESCO) for participation in GESP. 

  • Provide technical, contractual and financial assistance to public entities seeking to leverage the State’s GESP Master Contract to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. 

  • Assist public entities with:
    • Evaluating their facilities for potential energy efficiency and renewable energy investment opportunities. 
    • Analyzing the available financing options.
    • Soliciting and awarding site-specific Request for Proposals from pre-qualified ESCOs to perform Energy Savings Performance Contracting Services. 
    • Evaluating the technical and financial feasibility of ESCO proposals.
    • Negotiating and awarding of contracts to pre-qualified ESCO to implement Energy Conservation Measures (ECM). 
    • Project management oversight of ESPC project’s construction process.
    • Providing technical assistance to ensure the ESPC Measurement and Verification (M&V) Plan is properly performed throughout the performance period of the contract.