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State Public Building Enhanced Energy Efficiency Program (State PBEEEP) Reports

The State PBEEEP Reports completed for state agencies and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) facilities are posted here for public review. Note: State PBEEEP is administered by the Minnesota Department of Administration. 

The following State PBEEEP screening and investigation reports were initiated in 2010.  These reports were developed to determine if building energy retrofitting opportunities exist within the facilities studied.  The reports summarize the findings of the screening and investigations. 

State PBEEEP Screening Reports

Below are the results of 23 screening reports completed in 2011 by the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) under State PBEEEP. These reports cover 230 buildings with 6.7 million square feet. Based upon the findings during the screening, these buildings were deemed to not have cost effective building retrofit opportunities under State PBEEEP criteria. Buildings that satisfied the criteria moved to the investigation phase.

State PBEEEP Investigation Reports

Below are the 38 State PBEEEP investigation reports completed in 2011 by the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE). These reports cover 301 buildings with 14.2 million square feet that identified energy savings opportunities that satisfy the State PBEEEP criteria. The investigation reports summarize energy efficiency improvement opportunities identified in these buildings.