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What We Do: Rates & Planning

The main role of the Energy Rates & Planning area of the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources is to represent the public interest in proceedings before the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Generally, we ensure that ratepayers’ long-term interests are represented when the utilities propose to change their rates, services or facilities. Facility changes could involve new or modified energy facilities, including power plants, transmission lines, wind farms, and pipelines. The PUC is also responsible for determining the siting and routing of such energy facilities.

Access to documents relating to PUC proceedings, including periodic reports, is provided through the eDocket system. The descriptions below explain how to access information about the various areas of interest. The lists obtained below can be narrowed down by including any information filed by the company (“On behalf of”), year (“Received date”) or docket number, if known. To obtain all documents filed in a particular proceeding, it is necessary to search by the docket number, without further narrowing the searches. To find the docket number, use the general areas of interest below and use the results to locate the docket numbers. 

What We Do: Routing & Siting

The Energy Facility Permitting area of the Division of Energy Resources conducts the environmental review required for proposed energy facilities in Minnesota and serves as technical staff to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) in its permitting of energy facilities. These facilities include power plants, transmission lines, wind farms, and pipelines. The PUC relies on Energy Permitting staff to administer the review and analysis of siting and routing applications, make recommendations to the PUC for decisions, and assist with permit compliance.