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Building Envelope

Information about the parts of a house that separates the outdoors from the indoors, including information about insulation, air-sealing, windows, and doors.

Energy Audits and Home Performance
Many homes don't perform as well as they could, but sorting out the causes from the symptoms can be confusing. Deciding how to prioritize a list of projects can frustrate any homeowner. To figure out what is really going on with your house you may want to get a professional home energy audit.

Home Envelope Guide
This guide describes the basic components of a house that separate the outdoors from the indoors. Note: this is a large file (5 MB).

Ice Dam Solutions
The source of ice dams is attic air leaks. Review this fact sheet to find out how to prevent them.

Insulation Products
Current list of residential thermal insulation products determined by the Department of Commerce to have completed filings in compliance with Minnesota law for sale and installation in Minnesota. The department is authorized by Minnesota law to set standards for the product quality, safety, installation, and labeling of residential thermal insulation products. A product must be filed with the Department before product is sold or installed in the State.

Radiant Barriers and Attics
Consumers are encouraged to conduct careful and thorough research before investing in radiant barriers for a home. Radiant barriers consist of a reflective film installed over the top of attic insulation in existing homes.