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Dockets and Filing Process

Find out more information on Minnesota utility energy conservation improvement plans by accessing the list of CIP-related docket numbers located here. All CIP filings are posted in eDockets. To view current documents posted to a given docket follow these steps:

  • go to our eDockets site 

  • enter the first number of the docket in the “Year” drop-down box and the second number in the “Number” field. 

  • click the “Search” button.

Below is a screen shot showing the main edockets page and the fields to fill in.


For instance, to find Xcel Energy’s 2010-2012 CIP Plan, go to eDockets and select “09” for the Year and enter “198” in the Number field. Click “Search.” After a few seconds, a list of documents posted to the docket will display. Scroll towards the bottom of the list to find the document labeled “Initial Filing.”

Minnesota investor-owned utilities file three-year plans with the Division of Energy Resources (DER) through the eDockets system. Interested parties are allowed to submit written comments on the plans. DER staff will review the information submitted and issue a proposed decision to the Deputy Commissioner. Final decision authority rests with the Deputy Commissioner.

Investor-owned utilities also file annual status reports in eDockets that summarize their CIP spending and achievements for the previous year. This process keeps the DER and public apprised of utility CIP performance. Investor-owned utilities must file formal requests to make major changes to their programs in the eDockets system. A similar public comment and review process exists for modification requests.

Minnesota municipal and cooperative utilities file annual status reports and CIP plans with DER through the Energy Savings Platform™ system for energy efficiency programs.

For detailed information on the CIP filing process, please consult Minnesota Rules Chapter 7690 (

CIP filings and dockets

Need to keep current with CIP filings and dockets?

There are two options for staying informed about or participating in CIP eDockets and eFilings:

Subscribe to dockets notification

Subscribing to our dockets notification list is the most straightforward and suitable option for most organizations and individuals. By subscribing to this list you can follow a particular CIP matter and/or receive notifications when new filings, comments, and decisions are posted. A subscriber to this list receives the same documents as a person participating on the CIP Service List (see second option below). The link to subscribe to our dockets notification list is available here.

Participating through CIP Service List

If you need to do more than follow along, you can participate directly in a CIP matter by requesting to be on our CIP service list.  The expectation is that organizations or people who are on the CIP service list are active participants in the CIP process (for example, persons who took part in a public utility's previous CIP or last general rate case regarding CIP, or who anticipate participating in the public utility's next CIP).  To add or remove your name from the CIP service list, please contact Linda Chavez at

Sign-up for or switch to electronic notifications for CIP Service List 

When adding your name to the CIP Service List for the first time, be sure to ask for electronic delivery.  Electronic delivery is more convenient, efficient and timely, and includes a link to all documents.  In addition, it reduces costs and saves paper and energy.  If you are already on the CIP Service List, changing your preference to electronic delivery is easy to do:

  1. Go to the form available here (Service List Designation form - .doc);
  2. Fill out the form on line;
  3. Print out the form and sign it;
  4. Email or fax the signed form to:
      Fax:    651-297-7073