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Documents & Forms

Documents related to program design and evaluation.

CIP Project Guide for Municipal Utilities and Electric Cooperatives (.pdf)      
Provides basic guidance on Conservation Improvement Program project selection, project design, and savings assumptions. This is the current version.

Inputs to 2013-2015 BENCOST Model (.pdf)
Document prescribing the standard input values for the BENCOST model, a benefit/cost analysis tool created and maintained by the Department of Commerce for use in gas utility Conservation Improvement Programs. These values are specific to the 2013-2015 Triennial CIP Plans.

M&V Protocols (.pdf)
CIP measurement and verification protocols for large custom electric or gas efficiency projects.

Required CIP reporting forms.

Measurement and Verification Post-Project Reporting Form (.doc)      
For reporting on measurement and verification projects upon completion.

Measurement and Verification Pre-Project Planning Form (.doc)      
For pre-planning measurement and verification projects.