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Small Wind

Information and resources for small wind projects (under 100 KW) at homes and farms.

Frequently Asked Questions
Contains basic information about wind power and is a good place to begin the process of deciding how wind might work for you.

Hiring a Renewable Energy Contractor      
Questions to ask a renewable energy contractor; includes links to maps of solar and wind energy contractors in Minnesota.

Search Renewable Energy Installers Directory
A directory called Clean Energy Builder is provided by Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTS) to find companies in Minnesota that can help you plan, implement and manage clean energy projects.

Get Added to Renewable Energy Installers Directory
A completely free service provided by Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTS) to include your company in the online directory.

Small Wind Resource Maps and Site Assessments      
Articles originally in the AWEA WindLetter. Part 1 (pages 1-3) from March 2010 covers wind site assessment. Part 2 (pages 4-7) from April 2010 covers wind turbine siting. Re-posted with permission from the author, Mick Sagrillo.

Wind Speed Verification Tool - 30 Meter 
This interactive application identifies the wind speed for a specific Minnesota location at a 30 meter elevation above ground level, based on data used for the 2006 wind map. This data should be used as a general guideline for screening purposes only. Specific site conditions that affect wind speed should be evaluated by a trained wind site assessor before investing in a small wind turbine.