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Clean Energy

Information on wind, solar, bioenergy, and other clean energy technologies.


  • What We Do

    Info on clean energy systems for consumers and installers.

  • Bioenergy

    Info on biomass and biofuels including the ethanol fuel blend E85.

  • Distributed Generation

    Information on distributed generation and net metering.


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  • Energy Savings Program

    Technical and financial assistance for state agencies, local government units, school districts, and institutions of higher learning.

  • Ground Source Heat Pump

    Installation checklist, contractor directory and more.

  • Solar

    Purchasing considerations, design info, and contractor list.

  • Success Stories

    Read about energy savings and job creation achieved through clean energy development.

  • Vehicles and Fuels

    Information on clean energy vehicles and fuels.

  • Wind

    Purchasing considerations, maps and contractor list.