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May 2013 WAP Wire

Policy Updates

ASHRAE 62.2 policy compliance required for all audits

The Air Sealing and ASHRAE 62.2 Policy must be followed for all audits completed after Nov. 15, 2012.  This includes audits where only EAP/WX funding will be used. The ASHRAE 62.2 Policy can be found at the Weatherization Manual on the Commerce website. Any dwellings completed after Nov. 15 without following this policy must receive a return visit to assure compliance with this policy. If the household has been completed, locked, and reported, a callback may be necessary. Please contact your field auditor for guidance. 

Program Notes

ASHRAE 62.2 and the Impact on the Health and Safety Average

Both Commerce and Service Providers are concerned about the rising cost to the Health and Safety Average. Understanding the impact that ASHRAE 62.2 has on the budget requires that the costs associated with ASHRAE 62.2 be tracked in a consistent manner. Currently there is no way to efficiently separate and track the costs for ASHRAE 62.2 in WA.

In order to understand the impact on Health and Safety for ASHRAE 62.2, Commerce is requiring all Service Providers to put the number “62.2” in all work orders that pertain to ASHRAE ventilation work.  This requirement will begin on May 15, 2013.  Placing 62.2 in the measure name allows Commerce to sort data and record the full impact of the cost of ASHRAE 62.2.

Some example measure names are below:

  • Install new continuous bath fan for 62.2

  • Re-vent kitchen exhaust fan for 62.2

  • Wire new bath fan for continuous run 62.2

  • Clean bathroom exhaust fan for 62.2

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your field monitor.

Storing pictures taken from weatherized dwellings

All pictures taken from Weatherization jobs must be stored on a server that is maintained by the Service Provider and is backed up to regular intervals. Storage on individual computers does not afford secure protection from loss. In addition, pictures must be stored on servers to ensure that they will be available upon request for monitoring visits by Commerce or other government entities.

What to do if mold and moisture is present at an audit

Whenever mold is present in a dwelling or there is a situation where water enters the home, Service Providers should exercise extreme caution and carefully evaluate the dwelling before continuing with an audit.

If mold is present in a dwelling, the auditor must first determine the source of moisture causing the mold. If the moisture source can be addressed by weatherization activities as outlined in the Measures and Measure Types Chart, the audit may proceed. If fixing the moisture source is outside of the activities allowed in the Measures and Measure Types Chart, the dwelling must be deferred until the client addresses the issue.

The same course of action is true for bulk water entering a basement through the foundation wall or the floor. For instance, if the owner or renter reports that a basement has water in it every spring, it is likely the dwelling should be deferred until the water entry issue is resolved. Once the moisture problem is resolved, an audit may be conducted.

Training Notes

Administrative Training continues

The required Administrative Training courses continue. The Client Education and the Program Management courses have been completed. The two Project Management courses will be held on Tuesday, May 14 in Bemidji and on Tuesday, May 21 in Mankato. Please make sure that all Coordinators, Auditors, and Inspectors are registered for this required training.

Upcoming training

The questions on inaccessible crawlspaces continue to be asked. To address the concerns of Service Providers, Commerce will provide a session on crawlspace issues in the near future. The method of delivery has not yet been determined, but we may produce a webinar to reduce travel costs. Pat Huelman, University of Minnesota professor and one of the nation’s most knowledgeable building scientists on residential buildings and, in particular, moisture and water issues, will present.