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eHeat Users Manual

Overview of eHeat Users Manual

Log on to eHEAT, become a vendor, obtain User Manuals, or find out about eHEAT development and the system.

  • Application

  • Benefits

  • Payments

  • Manage Grants

  • System Administration or General


Handling eHEAT Application: Entering Application information      
The application entry screens for EAP FFY2006 have been improved. The major change is the number of steps has been reduced from 8 to 4 screens.

Search Application

WAP Prioritization

Determine Eligibility


Determine and Deliver ERR Benefits

Determine and Deliver Crisis Benefits

Application and Denial Letters

Determine and Deliver Benefits


eHEAT Payment Processing: Scheduling,Certifying PH Payment 
The Primary Heat (PH) payments for EAP FFY2006 will be scheduled for some households. The major change is the Primary Heat Distribution will be divided into 4 payments for specified vendors.

View Payments and Process Refunds

Payment Certification

Payment Process

Manage Grants

Maintain ROIS and WACT

Approve FSR and Cash Request, Maintain Carryover Allocation

View FSR and Cash Request

Maintain Cash Request

Maintain FSR

View Allocation and Grant Activities

Allocate Funds

System Administration or General

System Admin Services & Security Management

Maintain Contractor and View Energy Vendor

Maintain SP, Energy Vendor and View Contractor

Navigate Screens - PDF