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Training & Deployment

eHEAT training sessions will offer intensive, hands-on training. Classes will be kept small, and some users will attend more than one training session. Training locations will vary depending upon available resources (computer labs with network connections), but the intent is to be very local with the training. EAP and WAP coordinators will be trained to be super users and will train their own staff and possibly others.

eHEAT project information has been made available to agencies through updates at EACA, MWAGs and CAP Director's meetings, as well as through the eHEAT planning meetings that many agency staff have participated in. Updates are also sent by email and posted on the Department of Commerce web site.

Additionally, we are designing additional communication strategies to prepare the community for the changes. A weekly newsletter, The Torch, will be emailed Friday afternoons to service providers and will be posted on the department's website.