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Oxygenated Gasoline Content Mandate

a. Except as provided in subdivisions 10 to 14, a person responsible for the product shall ensure that all gasoline sold or offered for sale in Minnesota must contain at least the quantity of ethanol required by clause (1) or (2), whichever is greater:
  1. 10.0 percent denatured ethanol by volume; or
  2. the maximum percent of denatured ethanol by volume authorized in a waiver granted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Status: Minnesota has 21 ethanol plants with a total annual production capacity of about one billion gallons. Ten of the 21 ethanol plants are farmer-owned co-operatives, bringing direct economic returns to farmers and rural communities. Ethanol consumption in Minnesota is about 28% of the state’s total production with the remaining 72% exported. More than $3 billion in Minnesota’s economic output is created per year from this effort to diversify sources of fuel supply through community-based energy production.