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Minnesota Institutional Research Assistance

The following public institutions frequently partner with companies to research and evaluate emerging technologies or processes:

Companies sponsoring research at the university can pre-pay a fee and receive an exclusive worldwide license with royalties taking effect only in cases of significant commercial success. Agreements are available immediately to industry research sponsors. The University has a wide range of research capabilities across a diverse spectrum of clean energy technologies.

Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) provides analytical renewable energy related research in its Analytical Chemistry and Coproducts Utilization Laboratories. Scientists are available to provide consulting and technical services in the areas of: product and process development, product evaluation and testing and sourcing materials equipment and services. 

The International Renewable Energy Technology Institute (IRETI) is a member of the American Society of Tests and Measures and provides testing and analysis for combustible biomass and anaerobic digestion/fermentation/biogas systems. IRETI is part of the Center of Renewable Energy at Minnesota State University, Mankato and has access to the expertise of science and engineering faculty and students throughout the system.