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Idea Development Assistance

An innovator may be skilled at generating ideas that could leap-frog the competition, but many skill sets are needed to transform innovation into commercial success. Fortunately, low or no-cost mentoring is available to help innovators succeed. 

Popular resources for mentoring include:

The Minnesota Cup is a collaboration of investors and government and academic experts that help to bring innovative companies to market. It provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to work with these experts to candidly think about how to articulate their business idea and be prepared to answer questions common to investors.

The mission of the Cleantech Open is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges. 

Since 1958, Minnesota Inventors Congress has served to connect early stage inventors with pertinent information and resources to help move their invention to market. 

The Commercialization Team of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) works to bridge the gap between research and development (R&D), and venture capital funding and marketing.