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Minnesota provides a high level of public and private support for energy efficient technologies. Minnesota’s energy efficiency industry is supported by more than 30 years of demand-side management and energy efficiency policies with verifiable results. 

Minnesota electric utilities are required to spend up to 1.5 percent, and natural gas utilities spend up to 0.5 percent of their gross on operating revenues on Conservation Improvement Programs (CIP) each year.  For 2009 and 2010, energy savings achieved by Minnesota’s electric and gas utilities will save Minnesota customers roughly $2.6 billion over the average 15-year life of the measures. That means that for every dollar put into in conservation programs statewide, Minnesota will see a $5.46 return on investment.

  • Incentives

    Information on utility incentives and energy financing programs.

  • Manufacturers and Distributors

    Determine if a commercial product is eligible for energy efficiency incentive programs.

  • Regulation and Policy

    Regulations and policies related to electricity and natural gas efficiency.

  • Reports and Data

    Reports and data related to efficiency. Includes the Minnesota Conservation Programs CO2 report.