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Mall Walk Against Senior Fraud

Download and print an official event flyer here.

Protect Your Savings from Fraudsters and Scam Artists

Lieutenant Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon, Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman, and the Minnesota AARP invite all Minnesota senior citizens to participate in:

A Mall Walk Against Senior Fraud
April 23 at 7:00am
Sears Court at the Mall of America
First Floor outside the entrance to Sears

Work Up A Sweat to Stop Fraud

Senior citizens are among the most vulnerable to fraud and financial abuse. Consumers over the age of 65 control 70 percent of the nation’s wealth, and crooks know it. In fact, each year con artists scam older Americans out of $2.5 billion.

That’s why the Minnesota Department of Commerce, the Minnesota AARP, and the Office of the Lt. Governor are joining forces to raise awareness of fraud targeting older consumers and provide Minnesota seniors the information they need to protect their finances from the threat of financial abuse.

As part of Financial Literacy Month, Minnesota seniors are invited to participate in the first ever Mall Walk Against Senior Fraud at the Mall of America on Monday, April 23rd. All participants should dress for a walk around the mall starting at 7:00am. The walk will begin in Sears Court on the first floor outside the entrance to Sears.

After the walk, Commissioner Rothman, Lt. Governor Prettner Solon, and the ARRP will discuss common scams that target seniors and steps you can take to protect your finances. Coffee and snacks will be provided.