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2013 Financial Literacy Essay Contest Winner

Chisholm Elementary 5th grader  Daniel Rusten  was named the winner of the Hit a Homerun for Financial Literacy Contest, a statewide essay contest sponsored by Governor Mark Dayton, the Minnesota Department of Commerce, and the Minnesota Twins.Daniel’s award-winning essay discussed the smart financial advice he would give to his grandchildren in the future. Daniel won four free tickets to the Twins  August 28th game against the Kansas City Royals, Twins memorabilia, and a shout-out on the Twins-O-Gram big screen during the game.Daniel plays football, basketball, and baseball. He loves to fish with his older brother Mitchell. His favorite subject is math.


Daniel Rusten

"If I were one hundred years of age and wanted to give smart financial advice to my grandchildren I would start with these three points.

The first advice I would give them is to prioritize your spending. You have to understand needs verses wants. Learn how to tell the difference between the needs and wants, and you’ll spend less money. Needs are things like food, shelter, and clothing. Needs are also extended to utility bills and other payments you need to make. Wants are items that are nice to have. They are not items you need to survive.

The second piece of advice I would give my grandchildren would be to save. The sooner you start the better. The earlier you start the faster your money can grow. Money from savings is important because it can be used in emergencies. It can help for unexpected expenses. It is important to have something “to fall back on” when situations arise.

Thirdly, I would tell my grandchildren it can be dangerous and costly to share financial and personal information online! Use your best judgment at all times on the internet. These are the three things I would tell my grandchildren to have a good financial future."