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Never Too Early to Start!

Children, teens, and young adults learn from the examples in the world around them and this is especially true for money. By starting early and continuing an open and on-going discussion about financial concepts with the young people in your life, you are helping to create a lifetime of financial knowledge and money management skills. 

teacher300px.jpgBeing able to manage money is a life skill that is used everyday. By introducing financial concepts at a young age, you can provide the opportunity to develop good money management habits. 

Children and Teens 

It is critical to teach your children and teens to make informed financial decisions. By teaching them about financial concepts and giving them opportunities to apply this knowledge, you are helping them to build a solid foundation of financial knowledge.  Below are money management resources to use with children or teens: 

Young Adults

Young adults are moving into a new stage in life with new and exciting opportunities, such as employment, school, rent and even paying their own car insurance. With these new opportunities come new financial responsibilities. To make sure the young adult in your life is prepared, check out these resources:


College Survival:

Student Loans:

Involve the Entire Family

Getting the entire family involved can not only be more fun but it also empowers each member of the family--young or old--to learn and practice good money habits.  Here are some ideas:

Questions or comments: contact Julia Miller at or Mary Jo Katras, University of Minnesota Extension at To access all of these resources, visit University of Minnesota Extension site.