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Financial Literacy Guides

  • Have You Started to Save?

    No matter how little you think your income is, it is possible to save! Taking small steps and setting small goals is important.

  • Financial Security in Retirement

    Retirement can often seem far-off, but saving for retirement should be something you are thinking about today!

  • How is Your Credit?

    In this complex economic environment, it is essential to have a clear understanding of credit. There are a variety of ways to use credit—some of us use credit to stretch our resources and purchase high-cost assets such as a house or a car, while others use credit for daily purchases.

  • Never Too Early to Start!

    Children, teens, and young adults learn from the examples in the world around them and this is especially true for money. 

  • Disasters Happen: Are You Prepared?

    Natural disasters happen and Minnesotans have experienced their fair share.