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We Can Help

The Minnesota Department of Commerce Consumer Response Team (CRT) is ready to help consumers in the event of a natural disaster. Our experts can help you understand your rights, work with your insurer to settle a claim, and help you make informed insurance decisions after a flood or storm damages your home, auto, or property.

In some cases after a major damaging storm or flood, our CRT staff goes door-to-door distributing insurance information to consumers and answering questions about coverage and the claims process. Our insurance experts also staff disaster centers and respond to consumer inquiries and complaints after a storm.

You can reach a representative from the Minnesota Department of Commerce Consumer Response Team between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. CRT contact information is below.

Phone: (651) 539-1600 or (800) 657-3602 (Greater Minnesota)
Fax: (651) 539-0105
Address: Minnesota Department of Commerce, Consumer Protection and Education Division
85 7th Place East, St. Paul, MN 55101

The CRT helps consumers with questions about laws concerning industries regulated by the Department of Commerce. You may also check on the status of a license held by an industry practitioner. In addition, if there is a dispute with a licensee, the CRT will attempt to resolve the matter informally. If the dispute can not be resolved, the CRT will suggest the consumer write a letter, with all of the relevant information, in order to begin a formal investigation.

If you are unable to resolve a problem or complaint with your insurance company, the CRT may be able to help. The Minnesota Department of Commerce investigates written complaints against licensees. Investigations seek to determine if there has been a violation of current Minnesota statutes or rules. If a violation has occurred, administrative sanctions (license revocation, fines, etc.) may be taken. The Department attempts to secure the payment of claims or obtain refunds for consumers who have been victimized by licensee misconduct. When filing a complaint:

  • Write, in your own words, the details of the dispute

  • Include as many details as possible such as dates, what was said, policy and claim numbers, etc.

  • Provide copies of relevant documents

  • Include your phone number and return address