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Disaster Information Center

When a flood or storm hits, consumers and businesses have a variety of insurance issues to address. This one-stop-shop will help you prepare for the worst and make informed insurance decisions after a catastrophic loss.


  • What We Do

    When disasters happen, the Minnesota Department of Commerce is here to help you resolve your insurance claims and begin the road to recovery.

  • Are You Covered?

    If a disaster strikes, do you have the proper insurance coverage? Learn what is covered and what isn't in case of a storm or flood.

  • The Claims Process

    If you have suffered a loss to your home or property, here are questions you should ask and things you should know before you file a claim.

  • Home Inventory

    Make sure your possessions are fully protected by documenting them with a home inventory.

  • Know Your Rights

    Learn what your insurance company must and cannot do when you file an insurance claim after a disaster.

  • Auto Damage

    What does your auto policy cover and how do you file an auto claim?

  • Renters Insurance

    Renters insurance protects your personal property against damage or loss.

  • Contact Your Insurer

    Who to call at your insurance company after a natural disaster.

  • Flood Insurance

    Learn everything you need to know about flood insurance.

  • Public Adjusters

    What Minnesota consumers should know before doing business with a public adjuster.

  • Rebuilding After a Disaster

    Consumer tips about insurance, mortgages, and construction after a disaster hits your property.

  • Working with Contractors

    The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) reminds homeowners to do some homework before hiring a building contractor after a storm.

  • Disaster Finances: 101

    Keeping your finances in order after a natural disaster damages your property and possessions.

  • We Can Help

    Contact our Consumer Response Team to help answer your insurance questions and expedite your claims.