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Customer Preference (Profile) Form

To allow for ease of use and expedited call set up, Minnesota Relay users are able to submit their calling preferences, such as communication mode (TTY, Voice, ASCII, STS, CapTel, etc.), long distance carrier of choice, preferred billing method, frequently dialed numbers, and customer notes for call processing. The call preferences are stored in the relay provider’s database. When the relay user's call arrives at a communication assistant's (CA) position an Automatic Number Identification (ANI) check occurs.  If there is a match of a Customer Preference (Profile) to an inbound ANI, the CA screen is activated automatically for the CA to reference the information for that particular relay user.

Completing and submitting the Minnesota Relay Customer Preference (Profile) form allows relay calls to be set up quickly and ensures that the relay user’s preferred carrier is used for long distance calls.

Relay users have the flexibility of updating their preferences as needed. User preference information is confidential and secure.

Relay users may complete the Customer Preference Form online.

For questions, additional assistance, or to complete the form by phone, please call 1-800-676-3777 (TTY and voice users) or 1-877-787-1989 (Speech-to-Speech users).  Or, you can send an e-mail to Sprint Relay Customer Service at:  Sprint Customer Service representatives are available to assist you 24/7.

CapTel Relay Users

CapTel relay users who use a single-line CapTel must register their long distance carrier to ensure that their long distance CapTel calls are carried and billed through their existing long distance service or calling plan.

Individuals who place long distance calls to a single-line CapTel relay user must also register their long distance carrier so that their calls are carried and billed through their existing long distance service or calling plan.

To register your long distance carrier for CapTel calls go to:, or call CapTel Customer Service at 1-888-269-7477.

If no long distance carrier is registered, all long distance relay calls will be carried and billed by Sprint.