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Assistive Telecommunications Equipment

The Telephone Equipment Distribution (TED) Program provides free assistive telecommunications equipment to eligible Minnesotans who are having difficulties using the telephone due to a hearing, speech, or physical disability.

Available equipment includes captioned telephones, amplified telephones, TTYs, light flashing ring signaling devices, loud ringers, hands-free speaker phones, and more.

If you do not qualify for the TED Program, staff can provide you with a directory of vendors that sell assistive equipment for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, speech disabled, or physically disabled.

For more information on the TED Program, please visit their website or call:

Voice: 651-431-5946 / 1-800-657-3663
TTY: 1-888-206-6555
Video Phone: 651-964-1514 / 1-866-635-0082