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Below is a table containing common property types and their associated abandonment period. Once these periods have lapsed, the holder is required to turn this property over to the state.

Property Type Years
Proceeds of dissolved corporations (including employee benefits) 6 months
Utility Deposits 1
Unclaimed payroll 1
Intangible property held by courts or governmental or public authorities 3
Tangible property help by courts\governmental\public authorities not covered under another statute 3
Unclaimed checks issued from a general disbursement account 3
Credit memos and/or accounts receivable credit balances and refunds 3
Other intangible property not specifically covered by another existing statute 3
Savings and checking accounts (all types) 3
Stocks and proceeds 3
Tangible property in safekeeping depositories 5
Money orders 7
Traveler’s checks


Life insurance policies see ORS 98.314