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What We Do

The Minnesota Department of Commerce regulates state-chartered financial institutions and other financial services. We support the state's economy through safeguarding the integrity of the state's depository financial institutions and consumer credit licensees by:

  • Supervising and examining state banks, trust companies, credit unions, savings banks, other financial services companies and consumer credit companies to determine their financial standing and responsiveness to business and consumer credit needs.

  • Writing rules and recommending laws to be enacted under which financial institutions and consumer credit licensees operate and fairly enforcing those laws, rules and principles of safe and sound operation.

The Financial Examinations Division is accredited as a bank supervisory agency by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors and conducts on-site examinations in institutions supervised by the Department of Commerce. The division also provides up-to-date evaluations of the financial condition of each institution and guidance when regulatory action is needed to protect consumers.

Consumer Services:

  • Get information on how to select a mortgage company, a bank or credit union, or a checking account. (Go to Consumer Tips)

  • File a complaint. (Go to Make A Complaint)

  • Check the license status of a financial institution, a mortgage originator, a collection agency, a debt collector or credit service organization. (Go to License Look-up)

How to Contact Us:

Minnesota Department of Commerce 
Financial Institutions Division 
85 7th Place East, Suite 500
St. Paul, MN 55101-2198

Financial Institutions Division: 651-539-1600
Department of Commerce: 651-539-1500